May 29, 2019

Fifty-years ago, NASA launched Apollo 8 moonward with an official mission: photographing the moon’s surface. The flight’s unofficial mission was to travel to the moon and back before the Soviet Union accomplished the same feat. The astronauts and the NASA ground crew a...

May 29, 2019

Source: Hermeus Corporation

An Atlanta-based startup plans to develop a plane capable of flying passengers between London and New York in just 90 minutes.

According to the announcement from the aerospace company Hermeus Corporation, the flight time between the two citi...

May 29, 2019


Katherine Young will tell you that her work as a graphic artist only has the chance to influence people for one second. Much of her work is seen in passing, out of the corner of the eye—it’s on Facebook and Instagram, in print magazines, on postcards, posters, or e-ma...

May 29, 2019

When we think of engineering in the aviation industry, we tend to focus on the development of new aircraft, but what about the planes that are already out there, those that could find new life with some retrofitting? Danielle Vardaro came to Boeing after earning her un...

May 29, 2019

Travel down memory lane with one of the original Nerd Girls, Danielle Vardaro, who explains what ignited the Nerd Girls mission. 

​This episode is brought to you by IEEE GlobalSpec.

10:20     | 6/1/19    | Season 1 

October 19, 2018


S1 E8: Aerospace | Original Nerd Girls


Boston, MA


Boeing-Everett Flightline Support Engineer


Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University

Fun Fact:

Danielle was part of the original Nerd Girls initiative with Dr. Karen while she was a st...

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