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Dr. Karen Panetta, a professor at Tufts University, founded the first Nerd Girls Club to empower her female engineering students and challenge the stereotypes and myths about women in engineering. While considered a maverick for starting Nerd Girls, Dr. Panetta has been instrumental in shifting attitudes about women engineers. Nerd Girls is now expanding onto media platforms to inspire young girls through TV, web, social media, and more.

We want to encourage and inspire girls through media to change their world around them by pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. We celebrate individuality and diversity, life is about what makes you, you.

Dr. Karen Panetta - Founder

A professor at Tufts University, she is an engineer at the forefront of her field. She travels the globe inspiring youth to pursue science and engineering. Her work pushes innovation and she has received awards such as: Presidential Award from Barack Obama for Education, Norm Augustine Award and IEEE Award for ethical practices.

Paola Di Florio - Co-Founder | Producer | Director

Paola joined the team to help expand and develop Nerd Girls reach across multi-media platforms. She will be the director for the first season of Nerd Girl Nation. She is an Oscar nominee and has made critically acclaimed, award-winning films and TV shows that document extraordinary inviduals and the triumph of the human spirit. Her films include: AWAKE:The Life of Yogananda, Home of the Brave, and Speaking in Strings.

Karen Johnson - Co-Founder | Producer

Karen joined the team to help expand Nerd Girls reach by developing media projects. As a producer, she is interested in stories that are by, for, and/or about women. Her award winning productions have played at top film festivals, won awards, and been distributed and broadcasted throughout the world. Her films include: Double Dare, Twice Upon A Yesterday.

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