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The Nerd Girls have conducted outreach events to over 85,000 youth, parents, educators and communities!

If you would like to start your own Nerd Girls Group at your school or youth organization, or become an official Nerd Girl Mentor or start a Nerd Group Mentor program in your company, here are some of the activities you will get to participate in:

  • Developing real world projects using your all your talents, not just your book smart talents, to solve problems in your community or in the environment.

  • Conducting Hands-on activities to introduce you to all the different fields of engineering and Science that are fun and non-intimidating.

  • Learning new technology and dreaming up your own new inventions.

  • Learning how to work on teams and be able to give constructive feedback, while always encouraging your peers.

  • Connecting your passions and hobbies to careers. For example, if you love music, we can help you combine your talent with exciting science and engineering fields! And, you even get to interact with cool role models doing these careers.

  • Showing how awesome it is just to be you!

  • Learning about different cultures and environmental issues all around the world.

  • Having the coolest mentors on the planet helping you develop your Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics skills through awesome projects and activities.

Nerd Girls team mentors provide educational outreach to girls and young women all around the world. We do this by the following activities:

  • Developing and implementing educational technology projects to benefit Humanity.

  • Building a community promoting women in the engineering, science, technology and mathematics fields.

  • Teaching and disseminating curriculum projects to youth, parents and educators.

  • Promoting the interdisciplinary skills and teamwork needed for successful technology teams.

  • Providing resources for educational material, networking, mentoring and technology competitions.

  • Help corporations develop Corporate Nerd Girl Mentors who wish to organize volunteers at their workplace to conduct outreach to their local schools or conduct events like “bring your daughter to work” events. We help you jet start your events with proven approaches to inspiring youth about the value of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering.

Nerd Girl Mentors are traditionally Nerd Girl Team alumni who are now professionals or in graduate school. By the way, over 90% of all Nerd Girls go onto Graduate school!!! We also welcome industry mentors and other Nerd Girls enrolled in college programs.

Requirements for Starting your own Nerd Girls Group:

An authorized official from your company, school, youth organization (like your girl scout leader), can contact Dr. Karen, Founder of the Nerd Girls, directly for an application. Once approved, you will receive a Nerd Girl group start-up guide and the opportunity to use our logo at your events. You will be able to have your group’s website linked into our page and have us promote and share the great things your Nerd Girls are doing!

Whether you want to start your own group or be connected with a Nerd Girl to come visit your school or organization, we are excited to hear from you!


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