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Nerd Girl Nation - A Web Series

Nerd Girl Nation is a web series that celebrates and inspires young women in STEM by offering authentic, exciting role models that showcase a wide range of career applications. Host Dr. Karen Panetta, Tufts University professor, NASA and IEEE Fellow, is joined by comedian Craig Low to discuss and dissect everything STEM from cyborgs to Snapchat with their Nerd Girls guests.

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S1 E1: Drones & Exoplanets

This episode is brought to you by Epilog Laser Corp.

Loren Grush is a journalist who "translates" all things science, while Sally French gives a new perspective on Drones.

00:00    | 11/01/18    | Season 1 



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S1 Nerd Girl Nation Trailer 

Coming soon! The Nerd Girl Nation web series features interviews with authentic, exciting role models that have turned their passions into a wide range of STEM careers and pursuits.  It is brought to you by Nerd Girls, a community celebrating young women in STEM by giving them a platform to share their stories. Our mission is to encourage and inspire girls to change the world around them by pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

01:18     | 10/09/18    | Season 1 

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