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T-Shirts Nerd Girls Hate

After an explosion of outrage from parents, JC Penny removed this T-Shirt, emblazoned with "I’m too pretty to do my HOMEWORK so my brother has to do it for me," and sized for girls ages 7-16, from its website this week. Thankfully, the item was not stocked in stores for girls to pick out as a complement to their new backpack and pencil case. JC Penny pulled it quickly and issued an apology.

The drama over the shirt in the blogosphere has also heightened angry sentiments towards this David & Goliath juniors' T-shirt that reads, "I’m too pretty to do math." Not only is this shirt still for sale but the David & Goliath homepage is taking the publicity and running with it, touting a series of anti-education tees as "Mother-Blogger Approved." They're also currently holding a "LIVE STUPID" Video Contest that has a requirement list of:

1) Incorporate the phrase "Live Stupid" in a way that is apparent, either spoken or written.

2) Someone wearing black-framed "nerd" glasses.

3) Broccoli in some form. Yes, broccoli.

I'm sure they're playing on a sense of ironic humor, but are many of the entrants from the Under 18 category really going to understand that, when the instructions say to engage in stupid shenanigans as long as you don’t get arrested or hurt? This, coming from the same merchant bringing us the "I (heart) Nerds" tee. Sigh. For t-shirts Nerd Girls love, stay tuned to this website.

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