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The Secret to Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts for Nerd Girls

Gentlemen & boys, we welcome you too. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if your sweetie is a Nerd Girl, we know she deserves a gift that stands out. You are probably discovering right about now that all the really cool things like the picture frames made of recycled motherboards are kind of hard to find in stores, and it's too late to order online. But fear not, there is one place where you are sure to find something she'll love.

Museum gift shops. Often you don't even need to pay museum admission to shop (call ahead). Whether her love is art or animals, metals or fossils, museum gift shops are a treasure trove for specialty fare for your special girl. Don't forget to grab a card and write your own message, because a mass-produced love message just isn't worthy!

Nerd Girls, here's your chance to chime in! Put your brains to work and give the boys some clever gift ideas :)

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